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Dr. H.J. Williams

Dr. H.J. Williams


Dr. Harvey J. Williams has been in the practice of orthodontics for over 30 years. He has treated thousands of patients in his career and has taught Orthodontics as a clinical professor at Howard University College of Dentistry, his alma mater, and University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in the School of Dentistry.

Dr. Williams has had a very diverse background having grown up as a minister’s son who moved from state to state pastoring various churches throughout the western United States. He moved to Los Angeles after finishing high school in Tucson, AZ and attended California State University at Northridge. After graduation, Dr. Williams attended UCLA and worked on a graduate degree in anthropology. He then went on to dental school completing his dental degree and postdoctoral studies in Orthodontics at Howard University.

Dr. Williams is dedicated to delivering to his patients the best possible treatment in a very pleasant and friendly environment.

Dr. N.B. Williams

Dr. N.B. Williams


Although Dr. Nitalya B. Williams was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County, she ventured off and spent her entire collegiate, post graduate, and post doctorate career on the East Coast. She completed her undergraduate studies at Hampton University in Hampton, VA and her Dental and Orthodontic education at Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington, DC. Dr. Williams practiced general dentistry in Maryland and Virginia while attending her Orthodontic residency program at Howard University. A short time after completion of her program, Dr. Williams returned to the West Coast to what she called home in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Williams comes from a family with an orthodontic background. Her father and practice partner, Dr. Harvey J. Williams, exposed her to Orthodontics her entire life. Being a graduate of Tucson High School, Dr. Harvey J. Williams encouraged his daughter to explore opportunities to practice Orthodontics in Arizona. Dr. Nitalya B. Williams did just that and has been enjoying providing Orthodontic services in Tucson to her wonderful patients since October 2015.

Dr. Williams keeps her orthodontic knowledge and skills current through continuing education. She is closely affiliated with the top orthodontists, general dentists, oral surgeons, and periodontists in this country, which enables her to stay abreast of the latest advances in orthodontics as well as the affiliated fields of dentistry.

Dr. Williams is a proud member of the American Association of Orthodontists, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, the National Dental Association, The American Dental Association, and the Arizona Dental Association.

Then Dr. Williams is away from the office she loves to spend time with her beautiful little boy, loving family and friends. Travel is her number one hobby so feel free to ask her about the different adventures abroad she has experienced. Dr. Williams is an avid swimmer, skier and has recently begun to snowboard so maybe you’ll be able to swap stories with her. She can’t wait to meet you!


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