How a Straight Smile Can Improve Your Career

How a Straight Smile Can Improve Your Career

A bright smile with straight, healthy teeth can do wonders for your social life, and comes with a host of clear health benefits. Did you know that a straight smile can also impact your career for the better? While it may seem unfair, the fact remains that when you walk into the office for that big job interview, your smile will make a difference. The good news is that straight, beautiful teeth are well within your reach. Taking the time to improve your smile can impact your career as well as prospective jobs opportunities now and in the future. Dental health and a straight smile can definitely improve your career.

How a Straight Smile Affects Your Career Prospects

It’s no surprise that people favor straight, beautiful smiles. A smile can be an indicator of social ease and friendliness—two important personality traits when it comes to joining a team. In 2012, Kenton Research conducted a study that showed that smiles are even more important than most people suspect. While discussing the Kenton survey, developmental psychologist Dr. Michelle Callahan told PR News Wire:

“Whether we like it or not, we are frequently judged by our appearance. The results of our Smile Survey prove what I’ve always suspected, which is the importance of an attractive and healthy smile whether you’re just socializing, networking face-to-face, or taking an online interview. Your smile has a much greater effect on how others perceive you than we tend to think.”

According to their findings, 76% of Americans remember a person’s teeth after an encounter and are more likely to remember an attractive feature than they are to remember an unattractive feature.

This is good news. It means our least favorite aspects of our appearance are somewhat more likely to escape notice, while outstanding features are quite likely to form lasting memories. Essentially, we can tip the scales in our favor dramatically by obtaining a beautiful and straight smile. Dr. Callahan went on to say:

“Many people are concerned about how their smile affects their chances of getting a job or advancing in competitive industries. There have been multiple studies that show lasting impressions are made in the first three seconds of meeting someone.”

In another Kenton study, over 1,000 participants were shown images of women and men with straight and crooked teeth. The researchers did not mention the teeth of the people in the images, but only asked the participants to rate the attractiveness of the people pictured. Unsurprisingly, the results came out overwhelmingly in favor of those with clean, bright, and straight teeth.

Beautiful Smile Statistics

In recent years, numerous perception studies similar to those above delivered a resounding conclusion; beautiful smiles matter. Here’s an overview:

  • Lasting impressions: 31% of respondents say the first thing they notice about a person’s face is their teeth. 26% of respondents report that a beautiful smile sticks in their mind long after a meeting.
  • Straight teeth for career success: 47% of respondents say they believe someone with straight teeth will be more likely to get a job over equally qualified applicants. 58% of participants say straight teeth make a person seem more competent and successful.
  • Social benefits: According to participant responses, people with straight teeth are 57% more likely to be perceived as attractive. 38% of Americans said they would not go on a second date with someone who had crooked teeth.
  • Personality perception: Those with straight teeth are 21% more likely to be seen as friendly, 48% more likely to be seen as having good oral hygiene habits, and 41% more likely to be perceived as competent and intelligent. To top it all off, straight teeth make a person 74% more likely to be seen as trustworthy.

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Dental Health and Your Job Performance

Straight teeth can give you a huge advantage in both social situations and job interviews, as the data shows. How might this affect you in your present job? Well, people with crooked teeth have about half the chance of being seen as competent, intelligent, and healthy. According to a study by the Crest Foundation, people with straight teeth are seen as happier, healthier, more trustworthy, and more competent. Which category do you fall into?

Overall, Crest’s study found that in public-facing jobs, those with straight teeth:

  • Enjoy 68% better professional success in their existing workplace
  • Have 64% better personal financial success
  • Are considered 53% more trustworthy than coworkers with crooked teeth

This is especially true in public-facing jobs where a smile can make the difference between good and sub-par customer service, and it’s easy to see why. Those with the confidence to smile will do so, and research shows that there is no better way to add value to the customer experience.

If you’re working for yourself, for example, the benefits of great teeth are obvious since your look is a big part of your branding presentation. Alternatively, a beautiful, straight smile will work on bosses and supervisors just as well as it works on customers and the other people you encounter on a daily basis.

Is Orthodontic Treatment and Teeth Straightening Right for Me?

Investing in orthodontic services and straight teeth will provide many proven benefits for the social, personal, and professional aspects of your life—not to mention your health. These days, there are so many options, there really is no reason not to have a straight and gorgeous smile. The following orthodontic treatments can improve your teeth and enhance your smile:


Braces are an effective way of treating complicated dental straightening issues. They’re also among the fastest straightening methods and they stay put until the orthodontist removes them. This makes them a great choice for those who might have a hard time sticking to removable orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign Dental Services

Invisalign is great option for people with simpler straightening issues. They are clear and nearly invisible, but they require more discipline since you have to put them on every day. They’re not as strong and quick as braces.

To learn more about how to get the perfect straight smile here in Tucson, get in touch with our dental professionals at Get It Straight Orthodontics today. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all of your questions and help get you set up with a consultation appointment.

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