Children's Braces

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Children's Braces services offered in Tucson, AZ

Children’s braces offer the chance to improve a child’s smile and confidence and are an area of specialty for the team at Get It Straight Orthodontics and Family Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona. Ask about what braces and other treatments can do for your child, booking a visit is fast and convenient online or by phone.

Children's Braces Q&A

What are children’s braces?

Children’s braces is a term used to describe orthodontic treatment for children and adolescents. Orthodontic care can begin at any age, even in late adulthood. But beginning the process during childhood offers advantages. 


Your child’s teeth and bones are still developing. This makes it easier to identify potential alignment issues early and intervene to correct problems before they fully develop. Certain treatments are also more effective during childhood.


Palatal expansion is a great example. This process uses a special device that spans a child’s hard palate, or the roof of the mouth. A palatal expander slowly and gradually creates more room in your child’s bite by altering their bone tissue over time.  

What are the components of children’s braces?


Most kids who wear braces have traditional metal braces. These systems use small metal brackets that are directly affixed to the surface of each tooth, although brackets can also be made of porcelain, plastic, or ceramic. 


A treatment wire ties the brackets together and provides the pressure needed to move teeth into improved positioning. 


Additional components of children’s braces might include:


  • Single or chain elastics
  • Temporary anchorage devices (TADs)
  • Retainers


During your consultation, your provider explains which approach is a good fit for your child’s specific alignment needs. 

How do I know if children’s braces are right for my child?

The best way to know if braces are right for your child is to schedule an orthodontic consultation. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends bringing kids in for their initial orthodontic visit around the age of 7. 


While your child may not need any form of treatment at that point, your orthodontist can discuss any indications of alignment issues. Get It Straight Orthodontics and Family Dentistry also offers early interceptive orthodontics, which can address the following common issues:


  • Airway obstruction
  • Alignment problems caused by finger sucking or tongue thrusting
  • Frenulum problems
  • Impacted teeth


Taking care of these problems as soon as possible provides the space and time for teeth to come in as straight as possible and improve breathing and speech patterns. 


When you’re ready to book a visit, online scheduling is available. You can also call to speak with a friendly member of the administrative staff regarding appointment availability.